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2008-12-30 15:36:51 by milford88

Hi this is my first post on newgrounds! I soon might upload a project I have made called Pivot madness, if anyone would be willing to flash it for me leave a comment and i will send it to you. Thanks!



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2009-02-19 17:57:07

do you even listen to wu tang clan

(Updated ) milford88 responds:

the wu-tang clan isnt just a band it is a style of martial arts also, the wu-tang


2009-02-22 11:10:11

im willing to make it a flash.

milford88 responds:

ok, i got the first 5 episodes but i need help with the sounds and music, if u can flash and ad sounds, reply if not then dont ok? thanks. :)


2009-03-08 14:20:49

SHIT!!!! OMG DEIMOS NOOOOOOO!!!! whose arm thing is that killing deimos? whoseever it belongs to hes a fucking bastard

your comment, its hanks arm

milford88 responds:

hanks arm, how? pwease reply i wanna no!


2009-03-15 16:26:50

it wont pass. i do pivot also. you have to get a lot better to get it to pass. and you have to make your own sprites

milford88 responds:

ok, thanks for telling me, i will.