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Madness obliviation

2009-06-27 17:21:37 by milford88

ok, Madness obliviation, My first animation, made it through today, pretty cool madness 8/9 anim i made in 9 hours. currently no sound and shaky frames. may get those fixed soon BUT: DON'T FORGET, THIS IS MY FIRST EVER FUCKING FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so yeah...
may fix it up by the end of the week but PLEASE stop saying 'this is shoddy' 'add sound plz' MY FIRST ANIMATION


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2009-07-16 00:58:10

You need to take your time making cartoons.

milford88 responds:

ok, thanks


2009-07-31 18:07:37

i look forward to it.

milford88 responds:

thanks nggangsterpimp, its out now, First anim tho so its not so good


2010-06-21 08:03:20

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